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Expertise on Regenerative Medicine Draws Increased Attention

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  • Expertise on Regenerative Medicine Draws Increased Attention
Expertise on Regenerative Medicine Draws Increased Attention

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Regenerative Medicine Draws
New York (October 7, 2013) – Blue Horizon International (BHI) participated in the Oman Healthcare Conference, held September 23 – 25, 2013 at the Oman International Exhibition Centre. As a featured conference presenter and participant in the expo, BHI demonstrated their expertise in stem cell research and the potential benefits that regenerative medicine hold for healthcare in Oman, as well as globally.

BHI’s presence at the three day event began with a booth space at the Oman Expo. Their booth provided general information about their expertise in global healthcare consulting, and the work of their stem cells research division, Blue Horizon Stem Cells. Their Director of International Relations, Klara Doert, realized additional resources were needed. “Numerous Omani’s came to our booth to inquire about stem cell research protocols for all kinds of diseases. All of them had medical files in their hands, so I asked them to return when a BHI physician was present.”

The opportunity to meet with that physician came on day three of the conference, after BHI physicians presented “Facilitating Global Development of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Technology.” BHI Chief Medical Officer and Founder, Dr. Brian Mehling commented that there were over 75,000 Omani patients last year that went to other countries for treatment of various diseases, some involved cell-based therapies. Mehling added that, “In the future, BHI will direct this outbound patient population to our state-of-the-art clinical facilities in Europe and Asia.” Based on the lines that began to form around the BHI booth at the expo, this could be transformative.

Blue Horizon International is a healthcare consulting company with a unique concept that combines treatment, research and philanthropy. Blue Horizon International provides quality care and service for medical treatments globally, advanced technologies in stem cell research protocols, and also provides resources needed to assist children and adults who are medically underserved. For more information please visit Blue Horizon International at

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