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BHITS is a Delaware Corporation formed on August 16, 2017 for the general purpose of providing regenerative medical services and performing research and development of related products and services. This is a new entity, with limited assets and significant liabilities, whose ongoing operations will be funded primarily by the proceeds of this and future offerings, after having been funded to date by its founders and initial investors.

BHITS was formed to perform research regarding, and to monetize, stem cell technology and associated regenerative medicine. Stem cells are a special type of human cell that can be used to regenerate the human body, in some cases, without drugs or surgery. Regenerative medicine professionals will soon seek to use stem cells to treat various diseases, to extend lifespans and improve the quality of life for certain patients.

Stem cell therapy has successfully proven to regenerate the human body without the need for medicine and surgery. Patients suffering from chronic, often debilitating diseases can benefit, including those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, strokes, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, infertility, erectile dysfunction and chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the neurodegenerative disease found in people with multiple head injuries. BHITS is led by an accomplished science and medical team and draws on its relationship with international partners who have successfully treated thousands of patients with stem cell therapy. BHITS is opening a treatment and trial clinic in Houston, Texas in 2018 to expand its stem cell therapy research into the U.S.

Notably, BHITS is currently engaged in an FDA Investigational New Drug trial for stroke, using human umbilical cord blood (hUCB) stem cells.

BHIAG is a Swiss holding company formed on December 29, 2010. It has successfully and safely treated 100 research subjects with chronic inflammation, 30 subjects with spinal cord injury and 97 stroke patients with the application of ethically harvested human umbilical cord blood derived stem cells. Also, 350 research subjects with musculoskeletal disorders were successfully treated with the application of human adipose tissue derived stem cells. BHITS plans to bring that experience to America.

Dr. Brian Mehling is the founder of BHITS and BHIAG and is a globally recognized presence in the regenerative medicine research community. Dr. Mehling has previously founded BHI companies in Germany, Slovakia, Belize, Brazil, Jamaica, Seychelles and Israel; with Monaco, Germany and Israel up next. With BHITS, Dr. Mehling and his team are bringing their global experience to the United States. BHITS is the only Blue Horizon company licensed in the U.S. to utilize the broad swath of intellectual property created by BHIAG, as all intellectual property generated by BHIAG’s overseas entities is exclusively licensed to BHITS for domestic operations.

BHITS will be conducting all United States business related to the Blue Horizon family of businesses, research and monetization of stem cell technology and associated regenerative medicine. BHITS will also be the sole conduit for the U.S. for all internationally developed Blue Horizon intellectual property. BHITS is also the sole U.S. distributor of the Alpha Blu cosmetic line, a line of products developed in Germany because of Blue Horizon’s stem cell research.

BHITS and BHIAG do not use fetal or embryonic stem cells, but rather use only adult (somatic) stem cells and human umbilical cord blood stem cells that are ethically harvested from umbilical cord collected after birth with no harm to mother or baby. BHIAG has become one of the pioneers of the use of stem cells obtained from human umbilical cord blood, human umbilical cord tissue, and from a patients’ own fat or bone marrow.

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