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Blue Horizon Stem Cells Special Skin Serum featured in Dermascope Magazine’s August issue

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  • Blue Horizon Stem Cells Special Skin Serum featured in Dermascope Magazine’s August issue
Blue Horizon Stem Cells Special Skin Serum featured in Dermascope Magazine’s August issue

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Blue Horizon Special Skin Serum debuts in “Worth a Look” Section

NEW YORKAug. 20, 2014PRLog — Dermascope Magazine featured Blue Horizon Stem Cells (BHSC) Special Skin Serum in its most recent “Worth a Look” section along with other products that are currenlty shaping the skin care industry.

Our special skin serum is one of the most powerful anti-aging innovations on the international skin care market,” said Brian Mehling, M.D., chief medical officer, BHSC. “An independent study showed our product results in a 23 percent reduction in lines and wrinkles. That is one of the best results I have ever heard of from a cosmetic skin care product,” he added.

Dermatest, a top, independent research institute and pharmaceutical and cosmetic test accreditation laboratory in Germany, concluded Blue Horizon Stem Cells Special Skin Serum improves skin apppearance by 23 percent in two weeks. Reserchers performed a “Dermatological Optical 3D Test” on the skin of 20 healthy test subjects between the ages of 41-81 who used the serum. At the end of two weeks, Dermatest found twice daily use safely delivered a 23 percent reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars.

Special Skin Serum is formulated from what stem cell scientists call a “conditioned medium.” The medium is conditioned by ethically collected human stem cells from placentas and umbilical cords, which release cytokines and other skin regenerating proteins that become available to the body for skin repair.

“Cytokine action, epidermal growth factors (EGFs), short and long-chained hyaluronic acid and ceramides combat the effects of aging and deliver unique skin benefits without surgery,” explains Klara Doert, BHSC’s General Manager of Business Development.

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Blue Horizon Stem Cells is a division of Blue Horizon International, a healthcare consulting company with a unique mission that combines cutting-edge stem cell therapies to emerging markets and philanthropy to the underserved. Its subsidiaries have safely and efficiently performed and documented more than 2,000 stem cell therapy procedures on over 600 patients worldwide.  Its charity arm, the Blue Horizon Charitable Foundation supports healthcare access for medically underserved adults and children.

Dermascope Magazine has been educating skin care professionals for 30 years. Established in 1972, Dermascope was the first professional skin care journal published in the United States.Dermascope is an aesthetician’s tool with which to view and analyze the industry. In 1991 the tag line “The Encyclopedia of Aesthetics” was added and later modified to “The Encyclopedia of Aesthetics & Spa Therapy”, to encompass and reflect the growth and expansion of the skin care industry in the U.S.

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