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Our Story

Blue Horizon International

Going Above and Beyond

Brian Mehling, M.D. had a vision. His vision focused on a future in which stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine become the preferred treatment over many surgical, pharmacological, and rehabilitative medical services. That vision eventually became a reality with the formation of Blue Horizon International (BHI).

Dr. Mehling is an American orthopedic trauma surgeon who practices medicine in both New York and New Jersey. He first became intrigued with stem cell technology and its potential to disrupt the healthcare market while studying biochemistry during his residency. This eventually led to the formation BHI, which specializes in bringing quality stem cell, regenerative, and related biologic technologies to emerging and established markets in a safe and ethical manner.

Founded in 2009, BHI is a healthcare consulting company with a unique concept that combines treatment, research, and philanthropy. BHI provides the highest quality care and service available in surgical and medical treatments globally, the most advanced technologies currently available in areas such as stem cell therapy, regenerative medicine, immune-cancer therapy, and also provides resources for those who are medically underserved. BHI is committed to providing quality doctors and surgeon, advanced technology, and superior quality of care in each country we serve. Our extensive network of healthcare professionals, Scientific Advisory Board, Ethics Committee, Board of Governors, management team, and growing international affiliations allow BHI the ability to comply with the highest international accreditation standards, such as those of the Joint Commission International (JCI) and the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua).