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Blue Horizon International Exhibits at World Stem Cells Congress

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  • Blue Horizon International Exhibits at World Stem Cells Congress
Blue Horizon International Exhibits at World Stem Cells Congress

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BlueHorizon Stem Cell Congress
NEW YORK, NY – May 21, 2013 (Send2Press) Blue Horizon International (BHI) is proud to participate as an exhibitor at the World Stem Cells Regenerative Medicine Congress 2013. Europe’s largest and most important conference for regenerative medicine will take place in London May 21-23.

Blue Horizon International’s exhibit presentation will feature the successes of conducting more than 2,500 stem cell research protocols.

Dr. Brian Mehling, Chief Medical Officer for Blue Horizon International, says he’s excited about exhibiting at the conference, and meeting with medical researchers and clinicians from around the world to review and discuss stem cell therapy and key trends on the regenerative medicine frontier. He’ll be accompanied at the congress by senior executives, John Ferguson, CEO and Doreen Santora, COO.

“Stem cell based therapy is positioned as the next significant advance in medicine,” says Doreen Santora, “It offers the potential to repair damage which has been unable to be repaired with any other technology or pharmaceutical that’s yet been discovered… this is an exciting time in our industry.”

Blue Horizon International’s researchers and clinicians have developed and applied stem cell therapy research protocols for a range of conditions, from brain and neurological degeneration to cardiovascular disease to metabolic conditions such as diabetes mellitus. Blue Horizon stem cell therapies are also being tested for anti-aging treatments.

About Blue Horizon International

Blue Horizon International is a healthcare consulting company with a unique concept that combines treatment, research and philanthropic efforts. Blue Horizon International provides quality care and service for medical treatments globally, advanced technologies in stem cell research protocols and also provides resources needed to assist children and adults who are medically underserved. For more information please visit Blue Horizon International at


About Blue Horizon Stem Cells

Blue Horizon Stem Cells is a division of Blue Horizon International that provides stem cell research protocols. Uniquely positioned to take advantage of its clinical research, Blue Horizon Stem Cells has safely and efficiently performed over 2250 procedures, documenting each procedure while tracking the progress of patients throughout the protocol. Blue Horizon International’s stem cell therapy program is associated with The Stem Cell Centre, Hongqiao Brain Hospital and Wuhan University School of Basic Medical Science, Wuhan, China. For more information visit

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