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About Blue Horizon International

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Visionary Healthcare Management Company

Blue Horizon International is a healthcare management company with a unique hospital concept that focuses on providing the highest quality care and service available in surgical and medical treatments, as well as utilizing the most advanced technologies currently available in areas such as stem cell research, operating room technology, hospital management, electronic medical records and medical staff training.

We bring the finest doctors and surgeons, medical technology, and hospital management from the United States to the rest of the world with the highest level of care. Blue Horizon is the established brand for the international delivery of the highest quality health care available and staffs medical facilities through the extensive network connections of our Board of Directors, Management Team, Advisory Board Members, and growing international affiliations.

BHI management has a superior ability to exceed the very rigorous Joint Commission International (“JCI”) standards. We will establish JCI disease- specific accredited programs in each market we enter, establishing pathways for eventual JCI and Magnet Nursing credentialing. The latest medical technologies will be utilized; including the most advanced operating rooms, Adult Stem Cell and Placental Cord Blood Stem Cell harvesting, processing, storage and treatments, the finest cancer treatment with NIH protocols, and very sophisticated nurse training.

Blue Horizon hospitals utilizes the most advanced operating room technology that allows the operating room to be completely sterilized between cases, a condition that is not achievable in most modern operating rooms. Blue Horizon partners with advanced facilities for research in the very latest in surgical and medical technology, including both autologous stem cell and placental cord blood. This technology allows stem cells obtained from the patient’s own body or in some cases from placental cord blood to be used. Some applications including direct implantation of autologous stem cells into dead heart muscle to test the effects of stem cells on the regeneration of heart muscle after a heart attack. This technology is being used to research effectiveness when injected into the islet cells of the pancreas in patients with Diabetes and into the joints of patients with arthritis. Stem cells have been used to inject into wrinkles in place of facelifts. Infusions of placental cord stem cells are also being measured for their effectiveness in patients with muscular dystrophy. These research protocols are key in figuring out how to correct genetic defects such as sickle cell disease, thalassemia, and muscular dystrophy.  To date, we have completed over 1,000 stem cell injections.  For more information on our research, please see

Blue Horizon facilities utilize the very latest surgical techniques, NIH experimental as well as established chemotherapy protocols, and the most advanced radiation therapy for cancer treatment. Blue Horizon has established working relationships with some of the most prominent and highly ranked hospitals in the United States and around the world. This collaborative work allows for rapid development of research protocols, with the aim of eventually developing less expensive treatments for many of today’s illnesses. Accordingly, Blue Horizon recruits the very best clinicians from around the world.

Blue Horizon also maintains a special emphasis on charitable work, giving back to the local communities. Approximately 5% of Blue Horizon hospital beds are devoted to charity care, with a special focus on meeting the health care needs of children orphaned by disease and war.  For more information on our charitable work, please visit