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BHl Rejuve attends The Europa Games Nutrition & Wellness Expo

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  • BHl Rejuve attends The Europa Games Nutrition & Wellness Expo
BHl Rejuve attends The Europa Games Nutrition & Wellness Expo

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BHI Rejuve, a hormone optimization program, exhibited at the Europa Games Nutrition & Wellness Expo in Dallas on June 8-9, 2019. Attendees of the conference include individuals who are eager to learn more about improving their quality of life. More than 8,000 wellness enthusiast and professional bodybuilders, competing for their “International Federation of Body Builders (IFBB)” professional cards, attended the two-day event. 

Representatives from BHI Rejuve presented information on its hormone optimization program and provided awareness regarding the importance of one’s hormone levels and their effect on one’s quality of life. 

The Europa Games Expo has been in existence for more than 10 years with several affiliate conferences held throughout the USA. The conferences attract more than 180,000 people annually. It is one of the very few nutrition and wellness conferences that offers the opportunity to obtain IFBB Pro Cards.  In order to become an IFBB pro, a bodybuilder must first earn an IFBB Pro Card. To accomplish this, a bodybuilder l must win a special showcase where he/she is judged on his/her physique.

This year’s conference brought in more than 300 exhibitors, including BHI Rejuve, 24-hour fitness, Bang Energy, Vitamin Shoppe, Orange Theory, US Army, Hello Fresh, Gold’s Gym, and Spartan. Exhibitors had the opportunity to present their companies, goods, and services to bodybuilders, nutrition fanatics and health enthusiasts from across the country.

To check out our video from the event, click the link below.

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