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Blue Horizon International in Slovakia Celebrates Program Milestone

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  • Blue Horizon International in Slovakia Celebrates Program Milestone
Blue Horizon International in Slovakia Celebrates Program Milestone

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Blue Horizon International’s cellular and regenerative medicine program at Malacky Hospital, Slovakia’s first and only treatment facility, celebrated the treatment of its 100th patient. Located in the western part of Slovakia, just under an hour’s drive from Vienna International Airport, the first patient was treated in January 2015 with this revolutionary treatment.

Stem cells from adipose tissue can be easily obtained, almost without pain under local anesthesia. Stem cell therapy for arthritis and joint injures include the following steps: removal of adipose tissue under local anesthesia; processing of lipoaspirate, isolation of Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) and administration of preparation into the hip joint. In addition to mesenchymal stem cells, the cells isolated from adipose and connective tissues include other cells that: suppress the inflammatory response, contribute to the regeneration, create an optimal environment for receiving own stem cells, which prevent further degeneration of damaged tissues and cells in the new environment.

“The treatment of our 100th patient is an exciting achievement,” said Mgr Renata Mihalyova, general manager at Blue Horizon International Slovakia. “We are honored to provide our community, and this region, with the most compassionate and effective joint disease treatment available today,” she added. With patients traveling from across the globe to Slovakia for treatments at Malacky Hospital, the economic impact to the Malacky community is significant.

“Completing our 100th autologous stem cell therapy procedure in less than one year is truly an accomplishment and testimony to the passion the physicians in our program have,” said Brian Mehling, M.D. “It showcases our teams’ commitment to finding the best procedure for our patients and our desire to continually improve the quality of their lives,” he added.

The 100th patient is excited to start the recovery process and will begin his physical therapy later this week. “I am feeling great and I am getting stronger every day. I have no complaints, both the doctors and the nurses did a wonderful job,” said the patient, who requested to remain anonymous.

“Stem cell therapy is primarily intended for patients with a diagnosis of joint osteoarthritis, whether being a gonarthrosis or coxarthrosis of first and second degree. Malacky Hospital is the only medical institute performing treatment of hip and knee osteoarthritis with stem cells using this technology,” said Doreen Santora, Chief Operating Officer at Blue Horizon International.

BHI Slovakia is currently working to expand the program further to include more patients.

About BHI Therapeutic Sciences, LLC
BHI Therapeutic Sciences, LLC is currently offering cord blood, bone marrow and adipose stem cell derived treatments at Malacky Hospital in Slovakia and is fully licensed by the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic. For more information, please visit

About Blue Horizon International
Blue Horizon International is a healthcare consulting company with a unique mission that combines treatment, research and philanthropic efforts. Across the globe quality care and services for medical treatments are provided along with resources needed to assist children and adults who are medically underserved. For more information, please visit

About Malacky Hospital
Malacky Hospital is a private hospital located in the western part of Slovakia. It offers high-quality, comprehensive, and customized healthcare solutions to organizations and individuals. The hospital complex includes specialists’ offices, a diagnostics center, and practitioners’ offices for both adults and children. Malacky Hospital is staffed with expertly-trained medical professionals and is one of the premiere hospitals in Central Europe.

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