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Mr. Eddie Amarante

Mr. Eddie Amarante

Director of Cultural Relations

Eddie Amarante is the director of Cultural Relations for Blue Horizon International (BHI) and the president of the Blue Horizon Charitable Foundation (BHCF). BHI was formed with the mission to advance stem cell research in full regulatory conformance and in conjunction with the scientific community, while making stem cell therapy available to those suffering from degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s as well as debilitating conditions resulting from stroke, neurological damage, and spinal cord injuries. BHCF is dedicated to increasing the awareness of inequalities in healthcare, as well as providing charitable medical care and education to adults and children in impoverished areas. Currently, its main focus is to finance research and development in stem cell therapies and cellular regenerative medicine and to offer these therapies to people who would otherwise not have access to them. Regenerative medicine is widely seen by many in the medical and research communities as having the potential to bring about great change in the management and treatment of diseases and disorders. The implications for society and healthcare are inspiring.
In his role as director of cultural relations, Mr. Amarante serves as liaison to national and international organizations, which share similar missions and values to BHI and BHCF. His vast background in and knowledge of business administration, healthcare, and hospitality have led to fundraising and networking opportunities on an international level. His ability to communicate effectively between staff, stakeholders, and donors, drives the foundation’s strategic goals to support and sustain children’s charities across the globe.