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Founded in 2009, Blue Horizon International AG (BHI) is committed to the development of effective cellular technologies that target traumatic injury, autoimmune disorders and other diseases stemming from chronic inflammation and cancer. Our cancer treatments utilize the power of the patient’s own immune system to kill cancer cells without the use of chemotherapy drugs, surgery or radiation. This can be effective even with widely metastatic disease. BHI has also developed a revolutionary cosmetic line, Alpha Blu, which harnesses the rejuvenating capacity of stem cell technology in a series of topical creams.


Our Alpha Blu line utilizes a specific conditioned media – which is also used in our human stem cell cultures – that provides a wide array of cytokines, growth factors, and other nutrients that can penetrate the skin and promote regeneration of healthy, younger-looking skin. There is currently an extensive safety trial of Alpha Blu’s post-surgical balm underway, as well as several sophisticated studies designed to better elucidate the cytokine and growth factor presence in our day cream, night cream, eye cream and smoothing skin serum. The revenues from Alpha Blu could eclipse those of our medical products, in the short term, and may provide a steady stream of revenue for BHI as we begin delivering our sophisticated cellular therapies worldwide.


Among BHI’s medical discoveries include cell therapies – in various stages of development – that aim to revolutionize the treatment of a multitude of medical conditions, traumatic injury sequelae, cancer, and the effects of aging. These cellular technologies have been key in our development of an array of BlueCellule™ compounds, which are used in our medical treatments and topical creams.


For these compounds, we use a multitude of cell types. Our cultured autologous cells – which come from a patient’s own adipose (fat) tissue through liposuction or from bone marrow through aspiration – and placental cord blood cells come from pre-screened donors who have been extensively tested for HBV, HCV, HIV and syphilis. Fat tissue is readily accessible in most markets and has been shown to be quite rich in myogenic, micro-vascular and angiogenic cells. Similarly, our cancer treatments utilize a patient’s own dendritic and “killer-T” cells. They are then expanded – after being programed – and then injected back into the patient. No matter the source, all donor cells are tested for bacterium, fungi, and endotoxins and then again for viruses.


Along with our executive board, our scientific advisory board – which includes six prominent Ph.D.’s and two highly esteemed M.D.’s – provides support to the local healthcare professionals in our clinics, ensuring that only the highest quality treatment is provided. Together, the members of the scientific advisory board have released over 430 publications.


Unlike most of our competitors, many of whom are just boutique companies, BHI has subsidiaries in numerous market locations. These locations currently include the USA, Slovakia, Germany, Belize, Israel and Hong Kong. Our branch organizations work with local doctors, scientists, administrators and innovators to set up treatment centers, bring in patients and gather data for our many studies. We recently completed pre-FDA, Phase I trials in the United States under a private IRB; Phase II trials in Slovakia; and are preparing for more pre-clinical trials in the USA, Israel, Germany, Hong Kong and Belize. And – in collaboration with our local partner in Wuhan, China – cancer patients are being treated in a Phase III trial at the Department of Stem Cells in the Wuhan Hongqiao Brain Hospital using dendritic and killer T-cell therapies. We are about to extend that cancer treatment to our Slovakian facility in the first quarter of 2016. Our company is effectively a conduit between potential patients and some of the most prestigious scientific pioneers of cell therapy in the world.


BHI will continue to drive down the costs of these potentially miraculous therapies – while simultaneously publishing more and better research – until insurance companies realize that they will end up saving money by covering these treatments. When that day comes, our continuously growing network of subsidiaries will be uniquely positioned to meet that demand. We accumulate more research everyday; and our ever-expanding database of safety and efficacy studies ensures that when the insurance market is ready to take that next step, we will be there first to guide the way.


With the appropriate investment of $400,000, any individual branch of BHI can provide nearly everything needed to get a clinic up and running. This opportunity will also provide jobs to local residents, who will be trained by our team of specialists.


The only caveat is that 10% of administered therapies must be done on a charity basis. This makes healthcare a little bit more accessible for the average person, and that’s always a good thing.


What’s in it for us besides opening the doors of quality healthcare to those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it and creating jobs that will stimulate the local economy?




Our network of doctors and researchers are continuously accumulating extensive data on the use of certain groundbreaking cell therapies and we encourage all of our affiliated clinics to incorporate our array of BlueCellule™ compounds into their treatment protocols, when appropriate.


We are also currently offering a 5% equity position in our parent Swiss company, which includes all of its subsidiaries for $5,000,000 with a USA and EU-compliant SEC-defined Regulation D Offering – representing a valuation of $100,000,000.


To access a more detailed financial outlook of BHI – including our five-year profit and loss forecast – click on the corresponding link and enter “thefutureofmedicine” when prompted for a password.


BHI 5-Year P&L Forecast


BHI 5-Year Use of Funds Schedule