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Faris T. Monassar

Faris T. Monassar

Director, Business Development, Middle East

Faris established a leading company working in full investment services in healthcare management field in GCC and surrounded MENA regions with great success and wide experience in project management and healthcare fields controlling the market with great success.

Faris represented high-ranking healthcare leaders from all over the world including USA and Europe opening network offices in Yemen, KSA ,Oman, UAE , Qatar, Bahrain , and in Africa as well in medical tourism treatment. He started branches of healthcare centers around MENA region countries and was fully aware of the market studies and updates related to healthcare and its markets.

Faris organized 12 free OPD Camps for humanitarian aid as emergency response in all healthcare sectors. He worked with high rank clients like oil and gas companies and governmental and private sectors including insurance companies to start contracting them to have great deals in the medical tourism sectors and start receiving patients in your medical center making lots of great benefits and lots of work related to healthcare sectors.